Tour to Morocco

11 Days Morocco Tour Package from Casablanca

11 Days Morocco Tour Package from Casablanca

Morocco is a country full of culture and history, and there is no better way to experience it than by taking 11 Days morocco tour package from Casablanca.

From there, you will visit Rabat, the capital city, before journeying to Chefchaouen, a picturesque town known for its blue-washed buildings. You will then have the opportunity to explore the Roman ruins at Volubilis before making your way to Fes, where you can wander through the Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then it’s on to Ifrane, often referred to as the Switzerland of Morocco, before heading into the Sahara Desert for a once-in-a-lifetime experience staying in a traditional Berber camp.

The trip will also take you through Todra Gorges, Dades Valley and Ouarzazate before your morocco tour package ending in Marrakech, where you can explore the Souks and relax in one of the many gardens. Finally, the trip will finish up in Essaouira, a beautiful coastal town that is perfect for exploring or simply relaxing by the sea.

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8 in the morning

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The tour takes you to see the wonders of Morocco. It includes all the best destinations and some of the hidden parts that tourists cannot see; with a local guide, you can reach places others can’t, or don’t know about!

  • Camel Trekking and desert camping
  • Visiting all the Game of Thrones locations in Morocco.
  • Guided Visits of Fez and Marrakech
  • Visiting the Roman Empire ruins at Volubilis
  • Seeing wild monkeys in the cedar forest of Azrou
  • Discovering exotic local markets and hidden part of Morocco


The first day of your 11 days Morocco tour package from Casablanca will be scheduled according to your flight details.

Your driver will pick you up from the airport and you will be transferred to hotel for some rest. Then, you will set out to explore Casablanca.

Casablanca is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has a Mediterranean climate. The city experiences warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Average temperatures in Casablanca range from 18-25 degrees Celsius (64-77 degrees Fahrenheit).

First off, you will visit Hassan II Mosque. It was built in 1993 and is the largest mosque in Africa. It can accommodate up to 25,000 worshippers at a time. It has a beautiful courtyard and an impressive minaret that stands 210 meters (689 feet) tall.

Then, you head towards the Old Medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a walled city that was built in the 18th century. It is home to many historical buildings, such as the Grand Mosque, which was built in 1727. It is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and traditional Moroccan items.

The city has many beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Some of the most popular beaches in Casablanca include Ain Diab Beach and Corniche Beach.

No matter what type of vacation you’re looking for, Casablanca is sure to have something to offer you. The city is full of history, culture, and beautiful scenery. You’ll never run out of things to see and do in this Moroccan gem. overnight stay at Casablanca.

Today, you leave for Rabat.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a beautiful and historic city. The city has a long history dating back to the Roman Empire, when it was known as Sala Colonia. In the Middle Ages, Rabat was an important strategic stronghold for the Moroccan kingdom. The city’s current name comes from the 12th century Almohad dynasty, when it was known as Ribat al-Fath.

First up, you will visit the interesting Museum of Moroccan Arts, which houses a collection of traditional Moroccan art and artifacts. The museum is located in the historic Chellah district of Rabat. The district is also home to the ruins of a 14th century Merinid fortress and an 18th century royal palace.

Next up on our list is the Rabat’s old city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth a visit. The city’s medieval walls and gates, as well as its many mosques and madrassas, are testimony to its rich history. The Kasbah of the Udayas is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rabat. This 11th century fortress was once the home of the Moroccan royal family. Today, it houses a museum and art gallery.

Then, you head to the Morocco’s largest university, the Mohammed V University. Founded in 1957, the university is named after Morocco’s independence leader and former king. The university campus is located in the western part of the city.

After lunch, you leave for Chefchaouen arriving there in the evening. overnight stay at Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen is a city in the Rif Mountains of north-western Morocco. The city is known for its striking blue-and-white buildings and views of the mountains. Nearby attractions include the ruined kasbah of Tétouan, the caves of Hercules, and the Cascades d’Akchour waterfalls.

After breakfast, you continue your 1é days journey on your own to explore this amazing city. The streets are lined with blue-and-white buildings, and the walls of the medina are painted in blue. The city is a popular tourist destination, and it is known for its woolen blankets and carpets, leather goods, and Moroccan oil lamps. There are also many shops selling traditional Moroccan spices and teas.

When the sun sets in Chefchaouen, the blue-washed buildings of the old city take on a whole new look. The Spanish Mosque, abandoned for years, is a particularly striking sight. As you make your way to the mosque, you can see the last rays of sunlight filtering through the mountains, casting a golden glow over the city. It’s a magical moment that you’ll always remember. overnight stay at the hotel.

After breakfast, you leave for Fes. On the way, the first stop is Volubilis. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the best-preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. The site is located near the city of Meknes, about 30 miles (48 km) from Fes.

Volubilis was once the capital of the Kingdom of Mauretania. It was founded by Phoenician settlers in the 3rd century BCE and continued to be inhabited until the 7th century CE. The site includes a number of well-preserved Roman ruins, including a triumphal arch, a basilica, temples, and numerous mosaics.

Then, continuing onwards, we make a stop at Meknes. The city is home to a number of historical sites, including the Medresa Bou Inania, which is a 14th century Islamic school, and the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, which is the tomb of one of Morocco’s most famous rulers.

Then, the drive continues and you arrive at Fes in the evening. The driver drops you off at the hotel. overnight stay at your hotel.

After breakfast at your riad, you’ll embark on a guided tour of Fes, one of Morocco’s most ancient cities. The tour will take you through the narrow streets of the old Medina, the Jewish quarter Mellah, and the famous tanneries. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a tile art factory and the University of Al Quaraouiyine. In the evening, you’ll return to your hotel for dinner and rest.

Now after spending 2 nights in Fes, you continue your 11 Days Morocco tour package from Casablanca to onther part of Morocco, you will finally make it to Merzouga Desert.

On the way, you make a stop at Ifrane. It is a small city located in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. It is known for its cool climate and alpine scenery.

Some of the main attractions in Ifrane include the ski resort, the Royal Palace, and the University of Al Akhawayn. The ski resort is located on the outskirts of the city and offers a great opportunity to enjoy the snow-capped mountains. The Royal Palace is Ifrane’s most iconic landmark. The University of Al Akhawayn is also located in Ifrane and is one of Morocco’s most prestigious universities.

After exploring Ifrane, we continue towards Merzouga desert passing the lush green forests of Azrou wher we will stop to capture some moments with barbary monkeys.

Later, by the end of the evening, we will arrive at Merzouga Desert.

Situated in the south-eastern part of Morocco, the Merzouga Desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With its vast expanse of sand dunes and beautiful landscape, the desert is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The camel will be waiting for you. Camel trekking is a great way to explore the desert and see the sand dunes up close. You can explore the desert and get up close and personal with its many wonders. The camels are specially trained to carry tourists through the sand dunes, and they are very comfortable and safe.

You get to experience the vast and majestic sand dunes of Erg Chebbi while the sun sets in the desert. It really is a memorable experience.

Dinner and overnight stay in a camp at Merzouga desert.

Leave Merzouga town after breakfast to explore the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, where you can take pictures of fascinating scenery. Whether you are sand skiing in Merzouga or riding a camel, the Erg Chebbi dunes will surprise you. For those who are most enthusiastic, you can practice quad and 4×4 driving on the Erg chabbi or Erg Znigui.

You’ll stop by a few of the area’s nomadic households briefly along the way. Continue on to Khamlia, where you can attend a concert of Gnawa music. Black people from Mali, Senegal, and Mauritania reside in this town. A quick trip to the Mifiss mines is followed by a return to the Merzouga riad/hotel.

Before it becomes dark, take a dromedary to the “Haima,” or Berber tents, where dinner will be served outside under the stars and you might hear traditional Berber music played with drums. Visit the tent camp and stay the night.

Todays, you will continue your 11 days Morocco tour package from Casablanca to Todra Georges. First up, you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the desert. Then, you return to the village of Merzouga and then you head towards Rissani Market. It is one of the best places to experience the true culture and way of life in Morocco .

Rissani is a small town located in the southeastern part of the country, close to the Algerian border. It is the capital of Tafilalet, one of the largest oases in Morocco.

One of the best things to do in Rissani is to visit the local market. This is not your typical tourist market, but rather a place where locals come to buy and sell their goods. You can find everything from fresh produce to handmade carpets and jewellery. Bargaining is expected, so be sure to haggle for the best price!

Then, to our last stop for the day, we finally arrive at The Todra Gorge. It is a canyon located in the eastern High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The gorge is known for its dramatic cliffs and steep walls, which rise to over 300 meters in height in some places.

Dinner and overnight stay at Boumalne Dades.

After breakfast, we head towards Ouarzazate passing through the stunning Rose Valley. Here, you can learn about the process through which rose petals are turned into Rose water.

We finally arrive at Ouarzazate where we will visit the Atlas Studios. Since its inception in the early 1970s, Atlas Studio has been responsible for some of the most iconic recordings of all time. From Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones, countless artists have made the trek to Morocco to record at Atlas Studio.

In recent years, Atlas Studio has become a mecca for film and television producers looking to capture the essence of Morocco. Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Body of Lies are just a few of the many productions that have filmed at Atlas Studios.

Then, we visit the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. It is a small village located in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, about 75 miles from Marrakech. The village is known for its traditional earthen architecture, which has remained unchanged for centuries. In 1987, Ait Benhaddou was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ait Benhaddou is an excellent example of traditional earthen architecture. The houses in the village are built from a mixture of earth and straw, which makes them very strong and resistant to the elements. The village is situated on a trade route between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert, and it was an important stop for traders and travelers in the past. restaurants.

After lunch, we leave for Marrakech arriving there in the evening. overnight stay.

Another journey of your 11 days Morocco tour package from Casablanca ends here, make sure to get some rest.

Marrakech is a city in central Morocco. It is the fourth largest city in the country. It grew rapidly and established itself as a cultural, religious, and trading centre for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa; its Jemaa el-Fnaa, is the busiest square in Africa.

After breakfast, we set out to visit this amazing city. It is known for its medieval city walls, architecture, and sunsets.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions you will visit, with your local guide, include the Jemaa el-Fnaa square, the Medina, and the Majorelle Gardens.

The Jemaa el-Fnaa square is a vibrant and lively place that is full of vendors, musicians, and performers. It is a great place to people watch and experience the culture of Marrakech.

The Medina is the old city of Marrakech and is full of narrow streets and traditional Moroccan architecture. It is a great place to explore and find hidden treasures.

The Majorelle Gardens are a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. They are full of colorful flowers and plants, and they offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

In addition, you will discover a lot of meusums and monuments like the Koutoubia Mosque, the Medersa Ben Youssef, Bahia Palace and others.

This city has a lot to offer for everyone. overnight stay at Marrakech.

Well, this the last day of your 11 days Morocco tour package from Casablanca. It is for saying goodbye. Although its never easy, because you have travelled together and have developed a strong bond with everyone around. But yeah, goodbyes are not the end.

The last day is organised based on your flight details. The driver will drop you off at the airport whether in Casablanca or Marrakech and you leave Morocco with a lot of stories to tell.