Tour to Morocco

9 Days Morocco Tour from Casablanca

9 Days Morocco Tour from Casablanca

You’re planning a lengthy vacation in Morocco. When you are unsure of where to go? One of our greatest tours in this African land is this wonderful 9 days Morocco tour from Casablanca. It includes imperial towns, deserts, valleys, authentic villages, mountains, and more.

Travel through the Sahara desert, the hidden deep valleys and gorges, and the Medinas with our guiding special trip starting in Casablanca. Stay in charming riads and hotels with a special sense of peace and a touch of art, or perhaps spend a night in a luxurious tent beneath the starry Saharan sky. Every day, indulge in delectable Moroccan cuisine.

Our 9 days Morocco tour from Casablanca to Marrakech through Merzouga allows visitors to fully experience the charm of this land, beginning in the royal towns of Rabat, Meknes, and Fes and continuing to the Sahara Desert of Merzouga for an overnight camel trek along the edge of Erg Chebbi.

You will have the chance to see some of the country’s most well-known landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites during this 9-day Moroccco tour from Casablanca, including the historic Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou. You will also have the chance to explore Marrakech with our knowledgeable local guide.

Morocco itself is an adventure! We offer a variety of special excursions, including hikes through the valleys and souks where you may learn about Moroccan culture. Only with Tour to Morocco will you have the chance to indulge your passions and hobbies in activities like hiking, quad biking, horseback riding, off-roading, and photography.

We plan the vacation you want, including lodging, private transportation, an English-speaking driver and guide, and the activities of your choice. You only need to explain what you want to do to us, and based on the time you have available, we’ll recommend closing the route and creating a special budget for you.

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What to Expect in this 9 days Morocco tour:

In this 9 Days Morocco Tour, you will :

  • Exploring the city of Fes and Marrakech
  • Discovering the local Moroccan Markets
  • Seeing the Barbary monkeys in Azrou
  • Wander in the blue-washed city of Chefchaouen
  • Discover the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, Meknes
  • Trek camels and camp in the desert of Merzouga


The best 9 days Morocco tour from Casablanca begins with a transfer to your hotel from the airport. The city is regarded as the richest and largest metropolis in all of Morocco. Your first stop will be the Hassan mosque, which is the biggest mosque in Morocco.

On the city’s western side, it is located on a promontory with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit the majestic Hassan II Mosque later on, which is close to the water. This famous mosque must be seen by a non-Muslim as it is the only one that does so and is embellished with intricate decorative designs, bright mosaics, and towering motifs.

After the guided tour is finished, transfer to your accommodation. You will go to the bustling Old Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, after your visit to the mosque. A trip to Casablanca wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the local food. Considering that the city is well-known for its seafood, try dishes like fish tagine and shrimp couscous.

And to top it all off, sip some Moroccan mint tea, a popular aperitif. So, regardless matter whether you want to explore more of Moroccan culture or simply relax on the beach, Casablanca has a lot to offer everyone. Lunchtime liberation Following that, we’ll tour the city before visiting the famous Casablanca Cornish. The previous night was spent in a hotel.

After breakfast, we take a coastal drive to Rabat. One of Moroccan imperial cities, the city currently serves as the nation’s capital. The north gives visitors a look into the past of Sultans and Kings, as well as artists and craftspeople, two very different experiences. Explore Rabat, the Roman ruins, and the serene, turquoise alleyways of Chefchaouen. You will pass by the Hassan Tower, the Mausoleum of Muhammad V, and finally the Kasbah of Oudaya.

The city’s top tourist attractions include the Hassan Tower, Mohammed V’s Mausoleum, and Rabat’s Medina. The Hassan Tower was a mosque’s minaret from the 12th century. The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is where the Moroccan King Mohammed V and his two sons are buried. There are numerous shops and markets selling native Moroccan goods inside Rabat’s walled Medina.

After lunch, you will explore Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco’s residence, Meknes, which is abundant in olives, cereals, citrus fruit, grapes, and other agricultural items that are great to try and satiate your appetite.

You should visit Bab Mansour (one of Morocco’s 27 impressive gates), Dar Jamai (a castle and museum housing antiquities, gems, and antiquated copies of the Qur’an), and Habs Qara (underground prison under the incarcerated of Sultan Moulay Ismail). Meknes has fewer tourists than any other Moroccan imperial city, but it is nevertheless regarded as the best place to shop for bargains since there are friendlier, more courteous people there. Spend the night in a hotel.

After breakfast, you will depart to visit this charming and unique city. We’ll take a tour of the Kingdom’s religious and cultural hub. When you visit the former capital of the Kingdom of the Sultans from the Merinid and Alaouite dynasties, you’ll get a chance to explore the ancient Medina’s winding streets, take in the city’s many historical and architectural landmarks, and experience the enchanted atmosphere of a mediaeval oriental city. Most of these buildings are excellent examples of Moorish architecture. You will see the Bu Inanya mosque, the madrassas (Muslim colleges), Nejarin Square, and the fountain.

Additionally, Fes is also known for its traditional crafts, which include leather, ceramics, and metalwork. Your current location is the handicraft district, where craftsmen who work with leather and ceramics use methods that were painstakingly passed down to them by their great-grandfathers and grandfathers.

The three main areas of the Medina are the Fes el-Bali (old city), Fes Jdid (new city), and Ville Nouvelle (modern city). The Fes el-Bali is the oldest and most genuine part of the Medina. It is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys populated with businesses, homes, and factories. You will next proceed to the tanneries, which have long been important to Fes and Morocco’s economies, after visiting the aforementioned locations.

The city’s numerous tanneries produce a wide variety of leather products that are sold both domestically and internationally. You will have a local guide during your visit because it is challenging to get around the city on your own. However, you can appreciate it later when you have more time. Our next trip will be the still-existing Jewish neighbourhood. It illustrates how the two groups, Muslims and Jews, get along.

Today will mark the start of the trip to the desert. We will set out and travel to Merzouga after breakfast. We will appreciate the trip because of the various scenery, even if it is one of the lengthier drives—roughly a seven-hour one.

We’ll make a pit stop in Ifrane along the way because it has a climate and setting reminiscent of Europe, parks with lakes and chalets, a ski resort, and a lot of snow in the winter, earning it the nickname “Moroccan Switzerland.” We will get the chance to visit the majestic Atlas cedars and feed the wild monkeys as we travel from Ifrane to Azrou. The friendly monkeys take pleasure in receiving food from people.

You’ll wait so you can capture the creatures and see wild monkeys in the wild. Midelt is the next stop, where lunch will be provided. After then, you’ll keep going till you arrive in the Desert. A pause will be made so that you may take pictures of the cute Barbary Macaque moments as you pass through Azrou’s cedar trees.

The scenery will keep changing as we proceed through this expedition. By late afternoon, you’ll arrive in Merzouga Desert. Your camel will be waiting for you there to welcome him. It’s a unique chance to observe the breathtaking desert landscape up close.

On a camel, you will ride through the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. It is one of the most beautiful places in all of Morocco. There is a mile-long stretch of sand dunes there. The towering, reddish-hued sand dunes are breathtaking on their own. Here, you can truly appreciate how stunning nature is. On the way, you will see the desert sunset.

The vastness of the landscape and the vivid sky colours can produce an incredible feeling. As the sun sinks below the horizon, you’ll be treated to an incredible visual display. Later on, you will sample a Berber cuisine and learn more about their way of life. Finally, as you spend the night outside, you will sing and dance with the native Berbers. After dinner, you can choose between sleeping in your opulent camp or outside under the stars.

Leave Merzouga town after breakfast to explore the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, where you can take pictures of fascinating scenery. Whether you are sand skiing in Merzouga or riding a camel, the Erg Chebbi dunes will surprise you. For those who are most enthusiastic, you can practice quad and 4×4 driving on the Erg chabbi or Erg Znigui.

You’ll stop by a few of the area’s nomadic households briefly along the way. Continue on to Khamlia, where you can attend a concert of Gnawa music. Black people from Mali, Senegal, and Mauritania reside in this town. A quick trip to the Mifiss mines is followed by a return to the Merzouga riad/hotel.

Before it becomes dark, take a dromedary to the “Haima,” or Berber tents, where dinner will be served outside under the stars and you might hear traditional Berber music played with drums. Visit the tent camp and stay the night.

You go with one of the greatest “9 Days Morocco Tour Packages,” which begins in Casablanca and includes visits to imperial cities and the Sahara desert. Today, however, you must rise early to catch the sunrise above the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert.

After enjoying these lovely moments, you will eat breakfast and ride your camel back to Merzouga. As you head in the direction of Tineghir, Erfoud and Tinejdad will be crossed. Take a lunch break.

Later, you will proceed to the Todra gorges through Tinghir, pausing along the way to take pictures and take in the stunning scenery. Visit Todra Gorges to experience its magnificent Canyon.

After that, you’ll travel to Boumalne Dades and pause there to get a bird’s-eye view of the Dades Valley. Once you get there, check-in at the hotel. Dinner and a hotel stay are included.

Today, we will take a little stop to the Dades gorges before continuing on to Ouarzazat. We’ll travel to Mgouna, the site of the yearly rose festival. Up until we reach the Skura oasis, we’ll keep moving. It is a vast oasis of palm trees that is crossed by many rivers.

From Skura, take a 30-minute drive to Ouarzazate. Due to its frequent use as the setting for historical films, this city is frequently referred to as the “Hollywood of Morocco.” The Kasbah Taurirt is one of the city’s historical landmarks. We can visit the Cinema Museum and the Atlas film studio after touring the Kasbah.

We will then travel a short distance to Ait Ben Hadou, which is home to the Game of Thrones filming location and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After our one-hour excursion, we’ll continue to Marrakesh via Tizi n-Tishka (2260 m), the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains (3.5-4 hours excluding stops).

We’ll stop along the way to take pictures. It is one of Morocco’s most picturesque highways, with views of ancient kasbah ruins and lush river valleys inhabited by adobe settlements. We’ll then proceed to Marrakech after that. While we recuperate in the motel, you have some time to yourselves.

Following breakfast, you will tour Marrakech, the fourth-largest city in this country and the “red city.” Its old name was Amur n Kush, which is Arabic for “land of God” and was used to refer to this place. You will find many things that will surprise you here, along with a range of things to do and locations to explore.

First, we’re going to the Jemaa el-Fna plaza so you may enjoy the live entertainment being provided by the crowd there. Some of them take part in the halka street show where they entertain passersby by telling jokes or stories.

Numerous tourists congregate here as well to purchase goods created nearby. For the second part of our tour, we’ll take you to Marrakech’s largest mosque, the Koutoubia Mosque. It is sister to the Great Mosque in Seville, Spain, and the Hassan Tower Mosque in Rabat.

After that, you will proceed to the spectacular garden, which was designed by Jack Majorelle and attracts more than 850,000 tourists each year. Here, you may enjoy a leisurely stroll at your own speed through a tranquil oasis in the middle of the city. Learn more about the Berber people and their rich history and culture by visiting the Berber Museum, which is located in the striking blue villa. You’ll also pay a visit to the park’s close neighbor, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Not to mention the tour of the historic Ksar known as Bahia Palace (also called a stronghold). When you are dropped off at your accommodation, the seventh day of the 9 days Morocco tour from Casablanca is deemed complete. You can stay and eat at the same riad.

Depending on your flight plans right now. Before your 9 Days Morocco Tour from Casablanca comes to an end with a drive to your airport, you might, if you have time, spend the afternoon touring Marrakesh’s less-traveled regions and enjoying lunch at a local restaurant.

We also provide ordinary and premium services, such lodging in pricey and affordable hotels, to help you choose a price that suits your preferences and financial constraints.

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