Tour to Morocco

Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca to Marrakech

Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca to Marrakech

Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca, designed to offer a taste of the diverse wonders this country holds. While Morocco may appear compact on the map, its richness and expanse on the earth are boundless. Though a week may seem fleeting, this itinerary has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a comprehensive tour, allowing you to experience an array of remarkable attractions in a condensed timeframe.

This immersive journey encompasses the exploration of Morocco’s four imperial cities, from the renowned Marrakech to the venerable Fez, the oldest surviving city in the world. Moreover, it invites you to partake in thrilling desert adventures, including camel rides and desert camping. Not to be overlooked, the tour also grants you the opportunity to visit renowned Hollywood movie settings, where iconic films like Gladiator, The Mummy, and Game of Thrones unfolded against breathtaking backdrops.

Blending culture and adventure, this tour unveils the treasures of Morocco, earning its place as one of our most sought-after itineraries, surpassed only by our 10-day tour from Casablanca.

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8 in the morning

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What to Expect in this Morocco Itinerary 7 Days

In this Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca you will :

  • Seeing the monkeys in Azrou
  • Strolling around the old cities
  • Explore exotic markets and souks of Morocco
  • Visit the Oudaya kasbah in Rabat, Challah and Hassan Tawer
  • Discover the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, Meknes
  • Visit the Atals Studio in Ouarzazate
  • Explore the UNESCO Kasbah
  • Camel trekking and desert camping


On the first day of your Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca, our dedicated Morocco Tour driver will warmly greet you at the airport and start with you on a fascinating journey. The route will lead you through Rabat, the political capital of Morocco, and Meknes, another splendid imperial city. In Rabat, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the revered Mausoleum of Mohammad V and explore the historic Kasbah des Oudaias. This ensures you experience the very best of Rabat’s cultural landmarks before continuing on to Meknes.

In Meknes, you’ll delve into its rich history, admiring the grandeur of the Bab Mansour Gate and wandering through the vibrant local medina.

Following this, a short journey will lead you to the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an expansive complex steeped in history. Once a thriving Roman city, the remnants of Volubilis offer a captivating glimpse into the past.

Finally, you’ll conclude your journey in the splendid city of Fez. Our Morocco Tour driver will ensure you arrive safely at your accommodation – a traditional Riad that beautifully mirrors the architectural charm of ancient cities.

Fez is a city of intricate wonders, one that truly benefits from the expertise of a seasoned guide. That’s why Tour To Morocco offers you the services of a professional guide who will lead you through the heart of the old medina, a living testament to the world’s oldest surviving city. In Fez, enchantment intertwines seamlessly with history. Witness artisans crafting their wares using techniques dating back to the 12th century, a testament to the enduring traditions of this remarkable city. Our guide will navigate the labyrinthine alleyways, revealing gems like the illustrious Al Quaraouiyine Mosque, comprising both a mosque and a university. This venerable institution stands as the oldest university in existence. Recently refurbished, its adjacent library, built in the 7th century, is now open to visitors by appointment.

Among the treasures of Fez lies the Ibn Danan Synagogue, nestled within the Jewish Quarter. Meanwhile, in the Mellah area, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the historic Jewish cemetery. It’s worth noting that Fez once boasted one of the largest Jewish communities in Morocco, playing an integral role in the city’s origins. Following their expulsion from Spain in 1492, many chose to make Morocco their new home.

A visit to the tanneries is also a must. While it’s impossible to enumerate all the enchanting sites in Fez, we are confident that this city will leave an indelible mark on you. No traveler to Morocco would dream of omitting Fez from their itinerary. It stands as one of the premier cities, destined to elevate your Moroccan adventure to an unparalleled level of splendor.

On the third day of your Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca, an enchanting journey awaits as you make your way from Fez to the mystical heart of the Sahara in Merzouga. This leg of your adventure unveils a side of Morocco where camels and the vibrant Berber culture beckon you to explore its depths. Departing from Fez promptly at 8:30 am, your first stop is the captivating city of Ifrane, often dubbed the ‘Switzerland of Morocco’ for its pristine cleanliness and cool climate. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to capture the beauty of this remarkable city with photographs that will forever etch its memory in your mind.

Continuing on, you’ll venture into the cedar forest of Azrou, immersing yourself in the natural habitat of the Barbary macaque monkeys, observing their playful antics among the towering trees, and even sharing a moment to feed them.

As your journey progresses, you’ll make your way to Midelt, where a delectable lunch awaits. From there, you’ll head southward towards the awe-inspiring Erg Chebbi dunes. Along this route, you’ll be captivated by the panoramic vistas of the Middle Atlas mountains. Traverse the Tizi Ntalghamt pass and be awed by the breathtaking Ziz Gorges, masterfully carved through volcanic rock, revealing subtle hints of the impending desert landscape as you approach the city of Errachidia.

The voyage continues through the picturesque Ziz valley, leading you to Erfoud, Rissani, and finally, Merzouga. Here, you’ll embark on an unforgettable camel ride, venturing into the heart of the Sahara desert. As the sun begins its descent, you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing spectacle, as the golden dunes of Merzouga play host to the interplay of light and shadow, painting the horizon in a magical display.

After an hour’s camel ride, you’ll arrive at your luxurious camp, nestled in the heart of this enchanting desert expanse. Under the vast expanse of the night sky, you’ll find yourself immersed in the rhythms of Berber music and dance, an experience that will undoubtedly be etched in your memory for years to come.

After a spirited evening, your guide will rouse you early to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the desert. Following this magical moment, indulge in a hearty Berber breakfast at your luxurious camp, setting the stage for your departure from the dunes via a camel ride. The camels will gracefully guide you back to Merzouga village, commencing the next leg of your journey. Along this return route, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the ever-changing beauty of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, their contours shifting with the evolving light of the day.

Your path leads to Rissani, Tinghir, and the awe-inspiring Todra Gorge, which proudly stands as the highest gorge in Morocco. Here, you’ll pause for a leisurely lunch and ample time to explore the surrounding area. Afterwards, your journey continues to the picturesque Dades Valley, where you’ll be greeted by the sight of majestic sand castles and the captivating rock formations aptly dubbed ‘monkey toes’. Your night will be spent in a charming traditional guesthouse, offering a splendid vista of the Dades Valley, and featuring a delectable dinner and a hearty breakfast.

On the fifth day of your Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca, your journey unfolds further as you venture towards the key sites in the Ait Ben Haddou region. As you traverse the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, you’ll be captivated by the unhurried rhythm of life that permeates the surroundings. The crown jewel of this area is Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site and arguably the most renowned Kasbah in all of Morocco. With roots dating back to the 11th century, it has become a focal point for filmmakers and producers from around the globe. This historic site has played a prominent role in numerous cinematic endeavors, featuring in iconic productions like Gladiator and Game of Thrones. For an unrivaled perspective of the landscape, ascend to the hilltop granary for a panoramic vista.

As the Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca draws to a close, you’ll embark on a scenic journey over the High Atlas mountains, eventually arriving in the captivating city of Marrakech.

Today, you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Marrakech with the guidance of our local expert. Often referred to as the ‘red city’ due to the distinctive red ochre pigment that graces its walls, Marrakech rivals Fez in its allure, offering a wealth of museums, galleries, and resplendent gardens. The bustling energy of this city provides a fitting crescendo to your week of exploration.

Your itinerary includes encounters with snake charmers in the lively Jemaa el Fna Square, visits to the awe-inspiring Saadian Tombs and the opulent Bahia Palace, as well as a journey to the Ville Nouvelle, where you’ll discover the captivating Majorelle Garden. This botanical marvel and its accompanying villa were the brainchild of the French artist Jacques Majorelle, and later, were lovingly restored by the esteemed duo of Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé. Today, the villa houses the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech, the Berber Museum, and the Musee Yves Saint Laurent.

Indeed, Marrakech stands as a testament to the harmonious interplay of past and present, a city that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your heart.

On this day, our Tour To Morocco driver will be at your service, tailored to your flight schedule. If your departure is in the morning, whether from Marrakech or another city, rest assured that you’ll be promptly transported to the airport. However, if your flight is scheduled for the evening, our driver will be at your disposal to take you wherever you desire. This offers you the perfect opportunity to revisit some of the places that captured your heart or to unwind in one of Marrakech’s charming traditional cafés.

As the day comes to a close, it marks the conclusion of your exhilarating 7-day Morocco tour from Casablanca. We sincerely hope that your time with us has left you with cherished memories and that you’ve relished our company.

Should this tour not precisely align with your preferences, please remember that we are exceptionally flexible. Feel free to CONTACT US, and we’d be delighted to assist you in crafting a tailored Morocco tour that aligns perfectly with your budget and timeframe.