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Top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco

Top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco

Only a few nations are equally renowned for their diverse qualities, including their cuisine, geography, and people. Such features abound in the culturally rich nation of Morocco. Delicious tagine and mint tea are available in the kitchens.

For what is Morocco renowned?  The Country’s diverse landscapes, which include mountains that are always covered in ice, beaches, and the Sahara Desert, which is the largest desert in the world, draw tourists. Visitors can get considerably more from any of these locations when combined with friendly locals.

No doubt it is a captivating country. There is so much to see in this amazing North African nation, from the vibrant, heady markets filled with the heady aromas of spices to the vibrant Atlas Mountains and the blue city of Chefchaouen.

While visiting the major attractions over a few days might be fun, I strongly advise staying in this land for a week or two to discover all of the hidden gems. There are so many lovely, “off the beaten path” attractions to discover.

Morocco has attractions for everyone

Top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco

Anywhere in this African country, you may smell the aroma of roasted tagines, fresh mint leaves, incense, perfume, leather, and smokey coals.

In the north, you can hear people speaking Arabic, French, and sporadically Spanish. Five times every day, the “Call to Prayer” is broadcast from mosque speakers while sultry Arabic music drifts from businesses.

While walking along sandy beaches or stone alleyways, you can feel the heat of northern Africa enveloping your skin. Your field of vision is cluttered with brightly colored traditional attire, intricately patterned pottery and ceramics, enormous stacks of spices, vibrant fruit markets, and streets jam-packed with motorbikes, vehicles, and donkeys.

Beautiful beaches, rocky mountain ranges, golden desert sands, winding roads, rural communities, waterfalls, woods, mosques, historical Roman ruins, tanneries, Medinas, and much more can be found throughout the nation.

Trying to organize a trip to Morocco might be difficult with its diversity. There are both well-known and obscure tourist destinations throughout the nation, but fortunately, there is something for everyone.

Look for the Top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco

Some of the country’s most famous and must-see locations are listed in this article. This list should assist you in selecting the top Moroccan destinations that suit your travel preferences and convince you to plan a vacation there.

1) Marrakech

Best Holiday Packages to Morocco Marrakech

Without a question, Marrakech is the country’s most popular tourist destination. The vibrant markets, gorgeous architecture, and rich culture of the city are well known. You can get aflavorr of 16th-century architecture by looking at the Ben Youssef Madrasa Islamic School’s exquisite details. You’ll enjoy traditional Moroccan artists’ elaborately carved wood, plaster sculptures, arabesques, Islamic calligraphy, and bright zellij (mosaic tilework). Walk around the former dormitories, where up to 800 students once lived, and visit the prayer hall.

Just two of the many gardens in the city that you might see during your tour are the Majorelle Garden and the Menara Gardens. You can spend some of your spare time wandering through the Dar Di Said Museum, also known as the Museum of Moroccan Arts, and viewing its collections of jewellery, clothing, and wonderfully carved Hispano-Moorish furnishings.

Moreover, you can visit Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. There are a mix of natives and tourists. There are frequently performers there, including musicians, dancers, snake charmers, and more. The square is a great place to sample some local cuisine.

While indulging your senses, you can also explore the complex network of souks that are buried beneath more typical restaurants and stores. If you prefer shopping, Marrakech is a great place to explore. The city offers a vast selection of things, including handicrafts, spices, and jewellery. At Souk el Attarin, Souk Chouari, and Souk Smata, you may find a variety of babouche (traditional Moroccan slippers).

To see leather and textile dyeing in action, visit the Souk des Teinturiers (the dyers’ souk). In Marrakech, there is something for everyone to do. No matter what your interests are—history, culture, shopping, or dining—you won’t have any trouble finding things to do during your holiday.

2) Fes

10 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Casablanca

Fes comes in the second position in the list of top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco. You can tour the nation’s oldest and most spiritual location here. Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, and Fes are the four imperial cities of this land. The city’s long and distinguished history began in the ninth century, when it served as the Idrisid Kingdom’s capital. You will see a variety of significant mosques, madrasas, and palaces, as well as the University of al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest university in this country.

The city’s historic Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best-preserved cities in the Islamic world. You may wander through its confusing alleyways, explore all of its ancient sites, and look through the crowded souks for genuine Moroccan goods.

Some of the most well-known tourist in this city include the Nejjarine Fountain, a magnificent 13th-century fountain situated in the middle of the Medina, the Medersa Bou Inania, a 14th-century Islamic school, and the Dar el Makhzen, the former imperial palace of the Moroccan sultans.

You can also visit the leather tanneries here, which have been in operation for many centuries. Numerous residents are still employed by the tanneries, which continue to have a substantial impact on the city’s economy.

The Fes region’s ceramics industry has a long history dating back to the seventh century. The ceramics produced here were highly prized by the rulers of the time, who used them to build a number of noteworthy constructions. It is now exported all over the world and contributes significantly to the city’s economy once more.

The Batha Museum is the next stop, where you may truly enjoy Moroccan arts and culture. As you enter Jnan Sbil, the gardens in the Andalusian style will charm you. The intricate tile designs and the exquisite fountain in the midst of the courtyard are beautiful.

3) Merzouga


Naturally, the Sahara comes to mind when you think about this African land. The southern region of this country is home to this enormous desert. The city of Merzouga is one of the entrances to this desert. From here, one can travel to the Erg Chebbi.

The Sahara’s Erg Chebbi desert, which abuts Merzouga, is a well-known region. The journey to Erg Chebbi just takes ten minutes by camel or five minutes by four-wheel drive vehicle. There are numerous distinct desert camps and extremely tall dunes, which make for stunning photographs. These tent camps are truly glamping in the desert, and they are incredibly opulent! Because Merzouga is nearby, this area of the desert has a well-organized supply of electricity and running water. Remember that there are always tourists in the Erg Chebbi desert. It is a popular tourist destination since it is stunning.

You can engage in a variety of enjoyable activities in Erg Chebbi. For instance, one can set up camp in a Berber desert camp and spend the night in the desert. How about taking a camel ride or using a 4×4 to explore the sand hills?

4) Chefchaouen

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It is a blue city, located in the Rif Mountains, in northwest Morocco. It is renowned for the beautiful structures in its historic district that are painted in various fading blue tones.

You can travel to the Grand Mosque and take pictures of its octagonal minaret, which is remarkable. You can also go to the Kasbah Museum, which is located in the lush Andalusian Gardens, a lovely contrast to the charming, blue city. In this ethnographic museum, you may look through a wonderful collection of artifacts that shed light on the history of the Chefchaouen region.

The city served as an inspiration to many painters, including Eugéne Delacroix, Maria Fortuny, and Henri Matisse. The tour will teach you a lot about Moroccan culture and the history of the blue city.

With spectacular views of this breathtaking town, you may explore the charming streets and up and down gorgeously colorful alleys. Be in awe of the authenticity of the medina and the distinctive indigenous handicrafts in the vibrant souks, especially the woven textiles.

The area is referred to as Morocco’s “jewel,” and countless Instagram users lauded it as one of the most breathtaking spots they had ever seen. It won’t be a mistake to include Chefchaouen in your list of the top 5 Moroccan locations.

5) Casablanca

Top 5 destinations to include in your trip for Morocco casa

A port city with fantastic nightlife, shopping, and architecture is Casablanca. You’ll discover the Morocco Mall, one of the largest shopping malls on the continent, as well as Moroccan-specific Mauresque architecture.

The Hassan II mosque is open for tours. It is the seventh-largest mosque in the world and was built above the Atlantic Ocean. The good news is that non-Muslim travelers can easily reach it. It’s a great chance to locate an Islamic mosque.

You get a fantastic opportunity to see Moroccan artisans at work, and how their deft work reveals the depth and beauty of their handicrafts.

The United States Square, which was key in Casablanca’s history, is also visible. The location of this public area is outside the old medina. This historic square has a stunning outlook of the city.

There is no doubt that any individual or family traveler who values variety will choose Morocco as their exotic vacation location, and those who take advantage of the finest tour package offers will find that there are plenty of options available to them. Give in to this amazing country’s seduction and inspiration.

No matter how carefully we plan our trips, we are aware that each person has their own distinctive tastes. So that you can create your own trip, we provide a customized tour service. We work with you to plan your itinerary and provide the best guidance for an enjoyable vacation to Morocco. Free of charge. To get support from us, kindly contact us.

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