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Tour to Morocco organizes private and group tours to Morocco. We are specialized in customized tours. Our travelers can design and customize their trips as they wish.

With us, you travel the way you want and you will receive a very personalized service according to your traveling taste, destinations, and budget. Once you book a trip with us, one of our drivers picks you up at the airport and drives you throughout Morocco. Our team is composed of local experts that can give in-depth insights into Morocco.

With us, you don’t travel only in space, but also in time. You hear the stories from our guides that you will never know if you travel alone. It’s what makes us different.

I am Said your host in Morocco

I was born into a nomadic family in the Ramlia Desert, situated near the borders of Algeria. Growing up in the desert instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse international cultures and nationalities I spent three years as a camel guide and worked at manyprestigious desert camp. At the age of 20, I moved to Marrakech in pursuit of job opportunities, gaining valuable experience with various agencies before venturing into entrepreneurship. I honed my skills in the tourism industry, ultimately founding his own tour company. Prior to establishing my own business.


We have connections and access to a variety of tools that travelers are not able to use or don’t know about. Ever wonder why the couple in the cabin next to yours got more attention and you didn’t? It’s simple, we have a lot of value-adds.


Our priority is not to give the cheapest price, but the best deal. Cheap price means poor service or scam to make up the difference. Therefore, we give a perfect combination of price/quality that maintains our reputation and make you fall in love with Morocco.


We are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable and knowledgeable people you’ll meet. We come from more backgrounds than you can even count & we all have one thing in common: we are passionate about sharing the world with you.

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About us

Mustafa: Tour Guide/Driver

Starting from the quaint Berber village of Taftechna, Mustapha embarked on a journey in linguistics at the university before discovering his passion for sharing his cultural heritage with travelers from all around the globe. With a humble and charming demeanor, Mustapha’s optimism and proactive approach make him an outstanding companion for travel.

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Anwar: Tour Guide/Driver

Anwar was born in the captivating ancient city of Marrakech. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Linguistics in Marrakech, which provided him with early exposure to various nationalities and cultures. As a result, Anwar possesses significant competence and knowledge of the diverse Moroccan culture and traditions, rendering him an excellent tour companion.

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Mohamed: Tour Guide/Driver

Born in Tafraout, Mohammed had the chance to interact with numerous tourists, as it’s a gathering spot for the Dakar Rally. Seeking even greater opportunities to connect with travelers, he decided to relocate to the town of Merzouga. He studied in Erfoud town to improve his language skills and enhance communication with tourists.

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Moustapha: Tour Guide/ Driver

Mustapha discovered his deep-seated passion for culture and language amidst the awe-inspiring sand dunes of Morocco known as Erg Chebbi, situated in the village of Merzouga. It was here that he spent his formative years in a nomadic setting with his parents, traversing the desert alongside his family and camels, relying solely on a tent for shelter. Subsequently, he joined our esteemed Tour To Morocco family.

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Youssef: Tour Guide/ Driver

Youssef is a native Moroccan Berber, raised amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Sahara-Merzouga desert. With over a decade of experience, he’s well-versed in showcasing the finest and grandest aspects of Morocco. His deep-rooted knowledge of Morocco is matched only by his pride in its rich culture and traditions. Youssef takes immense joy in imparting his enthusiasm for all that Morocco encompasses.

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Hossain: Tour Guide/ Driver

I was born in a nomadic environment, then I relocated to the town of Erfoud where I received my education. Subsequently, I earned a degree in Linguistics from the University in the city of Meknes. I have a passion for learning new languages, which is why I enjoy working in tourism; it allows me to practice various languages and engage in discussions about traditions. Before becoming a tour driver, I was employed by a well-known hotel chain. Afterward, I transitioned to Merzouga to oversee luxurious desert camps.