Tour to Morocco

6 Days Morocco tour from Casablanca

6 Days Morocco tour from Casablanca

6 Days Morocco tour from Casablanca to Marrakech that embraces the heart of Morocco’s beauty. Our expedition spans cultural gems, natural wonders, and the enchanting Sahara Desert Expirience.

The adventure commences with a visit to the iconic Mosque Hassan II, an architectural marvel in Casablanca. As our path unfolds, the capital of Morocco, Rabat, reveals its treasures, a tantalizing introduction to the country’s essence.

Chafchaouen the Blue jweel of Morocco. Fes, a treasure trove of history and culture, stands ready to unveil its highlights. Traverse the Middle and High Atlas Mountains, each passage a canvas of beauty that unfurls beneath the sky.

The enchantment of Merzouga’s Sahara Desert awaits, where the embrace of golden dunes holds moments of pure magic. A camel trek through this mesmerizing expanse is an experience etched in memory. The desert camp becomes your haven, a night under the stars amid the Saharan tranquility.

Our voyage unveils the mosaic of Morocco’s landscapes – valleys, gorges, and kasbahs. Every twist in the path reveals a Berber village, each with its own story.

Join us on this journey that transcends time and space, connecting you with the heart of Morocco. Whether it’s the architectural splendor, the natural majesty, or the cultural immersion, every facet of this tour paints a vivid picture of Morocco’s allure.

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8 in the morning

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What to Expect:

During your 6 days Morocco tour from Casablanca, you can expect a diverse and immersive experience that will introduce you to the rich history, culture, and landscapes of this captivating country. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  • Visit mosque Hassan II
  • Explore Rabat the capital of Morocco
  • Sightseeing Fes
  • Sahara desert (Erg-Chebbi)
  • Atlas Studios
  • Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah
  • High Atlas Mountains


Today marks the inception of our captivating 6 days Morocco tour from Casablanaca, commencing at your accommodation or the Casablanca airport. Our voyage of exploration bridges the distance from Casablanca to Marrakech, weaving a tapestry of experiences that will unfold across the following days.

The journey unfolds with a visit to the magnificent Hassan II Mosque, the grandeur of which solidifies its position as Africa’s largest mosque. The intricate architecture and spiritual ambiance set the tone for the adventures ahead.

From here, our trajectory carries us to Chafchaouen, traversing through the capital, Rabat. An embodiment of Moroccan heritage, Rabat welcomes us with landmarks such as the iconic Hassan Tower, the evocative Chellah, and the timeless Oudaya Kasbah.

A pause for lunch invites us to savor the local flavors and embrace the moment. As the afternoon sun wanes, we embark on the highway, steering our course directly to the alluring blue haven of Chefchaouen.

Each step of this journey holds promise, offering an opportunity to explore, engage, and cherish the moments that form the mosaic of your Moroccan expedition. As we set forth on this path, the essence of Morocco awaits, inviting you to discover its magic and immerse yourself in its tales.

Following a delightful breakfast, your exploration of the captivating blue city unfurls. This charming desert town, renowned for its distinctive azure hues, promises a memorable journey of discovery.

Subsequently, the journey seamlessly transitions into the broader tapestry of our 6 Days Morocco tour departing from Casablanca. The itinerary proceeds towards the storied city of Fez, enriched with culture and history. En route, a captivating pause is planned at the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, offering a glimpse into the past and connecting to the roots of Islam in Morocco.

As the sun sets, you’ll find solace and authentic Riad where you have overnight.

On the second day of your Morocco Tour 6 Days from Casablanca, you’ll have the privilege to explore the culturally rich city of Fez, renowned as one of the four imperial cities in Morocco. It holds a special place in Moroccan hearts, being considered the religious and cultural epicenter of the country. Among its treasures, you’ll discover what is believed to be the world’s first university, revered for its teachings in Arabic and Islamic education. Accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide, you’ll have the opportunity to leisurely wander through its diverse districts, including the modern Fès el-Jdid, home to the historic Mellah, or Jewish Quarter. You’ll also traverse the ancient medina of Fez El-Bali, where narrow alleys are lined with ancient walls.

As you delve into the depths of the old medina, an extraordinary transformation occurs. Suddenly, you’re transported back in time, surrounded by potters, blacksmiths, skilled craftsmen, and laden donkeys traversing the labyrinthine passageways, creating a vivid tableau of vibrant cultures intermingling with curious tourists. Amidst this spectacle, you’ll witness the intricate process at the tanneries and even have the chance to engage in the age-old artisanal method of producing brilliantly hued leather.

Fez undoubtedly stands as one of Morocco’s most captivating cities, a place that deserves an esteemed spot on your Morocco travel itinerary.

As the sun graces the horizon, a new day of discovery dawns. Following a satisfying breakfast, we depart from Fes, embarking on a journey that traverses the captivating Middle Atlas Mountains. The landscapes evolve with every twist in the road, offering a symphony of nature’s beauty.

Our first pause finds us in Ifrane, often likened to the “Switzerland of Morocco.” The city’s architecture and ambiance weave together to create a unique and unexpected experience.

Continuing our expedition, we find ourselves at the Forest of Cedar near Azrou, where a captivating spectacle awaits. Barbary Monkeys, at home amidst the trees, invite us to witness their playful antics.

The journey advances, leading us to Midelt, renowned as the “town of apples.” Here, time slows as we savor a moment of free exploration and relish the local flavors during lunch.

As the afternoon sun casts its golden hues, our path winds towards the Sahara Desert. The ascent to the Tizi N’talghoumte pass (1907m) offers panoramic views that are a feast for the eyes. As we traverse this landscape, small Berber villages punctuate the horizon, each a testament to the enduring spirit of the region.

The majestic Ziz Valley, nestled near Errachidia city, welcomes us with its charm. The journey continues, and the sands of Merzouga beckon. Through Aoufous and Erfoud, our road unfurls, eventually leading us to the bewitching Erg-Chebbi sand dunes.

As twilight paints the sky, we arrive at this mystical expanse of sand, a land where the enchantment of the desert comes alive. Here, in the heart of Erg-Chebbi, where you will ride the camels to your desert camp, but you will do a stop in the middle of the sund dunes to see the sunset before you continue to the desert camp. Overnight with dinner and breakfast.

As the first rays of morning illuminate the desert horizon, a new day beckons with the promise of beauty. Opting to rise early unveils the spectacle of a captivating sunrise, a sight that graces your senses with its ethereal charm. Following breakfast and a refreshing shower, the journey continues, offering a blend of exploration and cultural immersion.

You have the choice to return to the heart of Merzouga village by camel ride, traversing the same sands that have witnessed countless tales unfold, or you can opt for the convenience of a vehicle. From there, the path leads to Rissani town, an experience that opens a window into local life and traditions.

Ambling through the bustling lanes, you’ll encounter the famous market, a vibrant gathering of artisans, traders, and local craftsmen. Immerse yourself in the allure of handcrafted goods and artistry, a journey into the soul of the region. For those seeking a quintessential shopping experience, timing is key. Visiting Rissani on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday allows you to witness the bustling souk days, when the desert area comes alive with trade and commerce.

From Rissani, our voyage continues to Tinghir, where the Tafilalt Oasis unfurls in all its ancient splendor. Here, a pause invites you to observe the intricate irrigation systems that have sustained life for generations, a testament to the ingenious engineering of the past.

The journey then takes you to Tinjdad town, where a respite for lunch allows you to savor local flavors and soak in the ambiance. Rejuvenated, we set forth to explore the grandeur of Todra Valley, a panorama of stunning beauty that envelopes you. As you walk along the towering cliffs of Todra Gorge, their fiery orange hue mesmerizes, and their depths, nearly 1,000 feet, stand as a testament to nature’s majesty. Climbers often find solace in these canyons, drawn by the allure of their challenges.

As daylight wanes, our path leads to Boumalne Dades, its green valley an oasis of serenity. The day’s journey concludes, offering the comfort of a hotel or Riad, where you can savor a hearty dinner and rest in anticipation of the morrow’s adventures. This embrace of nature’s splendor and cultural immersion resonates with each step, a harmonious journey through Morocco’s captivating landscapes.

With the sun casting its gentle glow, a new day unfolds, promising a voyage filled with wonders. After a hearty breakfast, our journey takes us to the captivating Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, a route that winds through the Land of Roses and the famed road adorned with thousands of Kasbahs.

The road leads us to Ouarzazate, affectionately known as the “Hollywood of Africa.” Here, the iconic Kasbah Taourirte awaits, a vision to be captured through your lens. Our exploration continues as we step into the realm of cinematic magic, visiting the renowned Atlas Studios, a stage that has borne witness to countless tales unfolding.

Pressing onward, our next destination beckons – the ancient Kasbah of Ait-Benhaddou. This fortified marvel stands as a testament to history, built strategically along the caravan path between Marrakech and the Sahara. In its heyday during the 17th century, it thrived as a bustling trading post. Gazing at the high mud walls, you’ll discover not only 6 Kasbahs but also a tapestry of tales woven by generations. The resonance of this place is further enriched by its appearance in cinematic classics such as Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia.

A pause for lunch in a local restaurant offers a chance to savor regional flavors and reflect on the marvels witnessed. With the afternoon sun embracing us, we continue our journey toward the final destination: Marrakech. The High Atlas Passes emerge, offering vistas that captivate the soul. As we traverse the Tizi N’tichka pass (2260m), the stunning views of the Atlas Mountains paint a picturesque backdrop to our adventure.

As evening approaches, the allure of Marrakech welcomes us with open arms. Here, we bid you farewell, dropping you off at your chosen accommodation, where your 6-day Morocco tour from Casablanca to Marrakech finds its conclusion. Our services have been an honor, crafting memories that are bound to resonate with the echoes of Morocco’s enchantment for years to come.