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Can I Travel to Morocco from USA Now?

Can I Travel to Morocco from USA Now

Many Americans are apprehensive of their ability to travel to Morocco right now. Yes, is the response. Last February, Morocco opened its borders. You should be informed that there are some limits in place.

We’ll provide you all the information you need to go straight away from the USA to Morocco in the lines that follow.

Morocco Travel Restriction Updates:

4 Days Desert Adventure from Errachidia to Marrakech

The Moroccan government no longer screens visitors for health issues as they enter the country. Before entering Morocco, travellers must present either a valid PCR test or a valid vaccination. Normally, Americans who are not residents of Morocco are only allowed to stay in the country for 90 days.

Morocco opened its borders in February of last year, but there were several conditions and limitations. But since May, these criteria have finally been relaxed, allowing many visitors—particularly those without a vaccination—to enter the nation.

Currently, all that is required is a vaccine passport that is still valid or a negative PCR test (less than 72 hours). From the date of the test to the day of boarding the flight, the validity of the test is measured.

There is only one control in the case of indirect flights, therefore you shouldn’t be concerned if your PCR TEST ran out of time in flight. You are still welcome to travel to and explore Morocco without encountering any issues.

When you purchase multiple tickets and independently book the international flights, a special exception is made. You should be concerned about the validity of your test in this situation.

There is a chance that you will take another test if the actual one is expired in order to catch the flight to Morocco, for instance, if you planned to fly from New York to Madrid and then catch another flight from Madrid to Casablanca.

Typically, we don’t advise our clients to arrange their own connecting flights. Missing the second flight is always possible, especially if the first one is delayed.

You must also present a health form that you may get online prior to boarding and have properly filled out along with your PCR or Vaccines Passport. Additionally, you can purchase it at the airport after you are in Morocco.

Safety in Morocco:

Can I currently go from the USA to Morocco? Yes, is the response. Currently, one of the safest places to travel is Morocco. Despite the fact that Covid severely damaged the nation, the government took tight action to protect the populace.

Numerous limits on people’s freedom of movement were enforced by the government, which also closed large marketplaces, mosques, coffee shops, hotels, and nearly everything else. Additionally, the lockdown was one of the world’s longest.

In terms of the vaccination, the nation has so far given at least 54,668,746 doses of COVID vaccine. If every person requires two doses, then that would be enough to immunize 74.9% of the people in Morocco.

Currently, there are no restrictions after you enter Morocco. You can travel without risk and visit the places you want to without encountering any issues.

How to Travel to Morocco from USA?


Direct flights and indirect flights are now two options for getting to Morocco from the United States.

Direct Flights to Morocco:

Many direct flights are available from various US locations, including New York, Miami, and others.

  • Royal Air Maroc arranges frequent direct flights to CMN Casablanca from JFK New York. The typical duration is between 6 and 7 hours.
  • On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays there are direct flights from Miami to Morocco. The typical flight lasts about eight hours.
  • There are numerous direct flights available from Washington to Morocco. There aren’t any genuine flight timetables, though. To find the proper date, you must examine various dates. Please get in touch with us for assistance if you have trouble doing that.

Indirect Flights from USA:

If you want to fly to Morocco from the USA, there are many indirect flights that connect the two countries via places like New York and Paris. Boston and Los Angeles are the primary departure cities from the United States.

  • Daily flights from Boston to Morocco through CDG (Paris) are available; the trip takes 10 to 11 hours on average.
  • The typical flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Paris (or New York) takes roughly 15 hours. There are flights available virtually every day.

Travelling in Morocco: The Best Tours and Itineraries:


You should be aware of some of the top excursions that you can reserve as you can travel to Morocco from the USA. The greatest packages from Morocco Tour Team will transport you back in time as you learn about the true nature of Morocco.

15 days Tour from Casablanca:

Here is our 15 Days Morocco Tour  if you want more and don’t want to travel across borders for only 10 days. All the locations in Morocco are shown, and it begins at Casablanca. In addition to the places visited during the 10-day itinerary, Taroudant, Essaouira, and Agadir were also featured. Additionally, you stay two days in several locations to explore the destinations.

This tour is for you if you can currently go to Morocco from the USA!

12 days Tour from Casablanca:

If you don’t have the time for a 15-day tour, this is another interesting option. This itinerary, which lasts 12 days  Morocco Tours instead of 10, includes a day in Fez and a trip to Essaouira. Please check out this 12-day journey!

You couldn’t find it, did you?

Simple, just get in touch with us, and we’ll send you a thorough itinerary that meets all your needs at no additional expense to you. Because we are authorities on Morocco, isn’t it what we often do with our clients?

10 days Tour from Casablanca:

You can reserve a 10-day tour starting in Casablanca if you only have 10 days in Morocco. At the airport, our driver will meet you and drive you to unique locations in Morocco.

This tour visits both contemporary and historic locations that have been lost to the passage of time. Consequently, you can view Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Fez, Meknes, Volubilis, the Merzouga Desert, and the renowned Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou.

Can I Travel to Morocco from USA right now?

Currently, Americans can travel to Morocco, but please make sure you have:

a recent negative PCR test result or a current vaccination passport.

In addition, you will need to present a health form at the airport.

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