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Is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco? To address this question, it’s important to examine the relationship between the USA and Morocco, consider the experiences of Peace Corps members in Morocco, and assess the safety of American tourists visiting the country.


Is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

Morocco and the United States have a longstanding and robust friendship. They have a history of cooperation on various bilateral and regional matters, including security, politics, economics, and sustainable development. The United States designated Morocco as a Major Non-NATO Ally in 2004, and both countries conduct joint military exercises and training. Given this strong diplomatic relationship and collaborative efforts, it can be considered safe for Americans to travel to Morocco.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

These facts serve as a testament to the enduring bond between the United States and Morocco. They highlight the dedicated efforts both nations have put into maintaining strong security measures. This enduring friendship and shared commitment to security have established Morocco as an ideal destination for Americans, bolstered by its welcoming culture and positive relations with America. So, is it safe for Americans to travel to Morocco?

Certainly, YES!

American tourists consistently revel in their experiences in Morocco, often ranking it among their top destinations. Peace Corps volunteers also express genuine enthusiasm when assigned missions in Morocco. The allure of the exotic culture, warm hospitality, and the amiable nature of the people acts like a magnet, drawing American tourists and travelers alike.

Now that we’ve addressed the crucial question of whether it’s safe for Americans to travel to Morocco, let’s delve into the exciting part: exploring the best destinations that await your visit!

Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is an enchanting, picturesque, and hospitable country. The warmth extends not only from its inviting climate but also from its incredibly friendly inhabitants. Below is a list of places you should consider visiting for a truly memorable experience:


Fez stands as the world’s oldest surviving city, embodying the most exotic facets of Moroccan culture. A visit to this remarkable city is bound to leave you utterly captivated. Its ancient walls and time-honored artisan crafts will enchant you. Simply explore the old medina, and you’ll witness the sheer beauty that this city beholds.


Famously known as the “Blue City” or the “Blue Pearl,” Chefchaouen is a city bursting with vibrance and vividness. Here, you can relish tranquil strolls along its azure-hued alleys and have the chance to encounter the welcoming and amiable locals. If you have a penchant for all things blue (much like myself), then this is undoubtedly the perfect travel destination for you.


Essaouira is renowned as one of the most welcoming and culturally diverse cities in Morocco. It’s a locale where you’ll discover exceptional music and warm-hearted individuals, offering the perfect setting for leisurely night strolls along the beach, delectable cuisine, and intriguing juxtapositions of the old and the new. The crown jewel of Essaouira is the Essaouira Citadel, an absolute must-visit during your time in this captivating city.


Marrakech is a true tourist magnet, standing as the most frequented destination not only in Morocco, but across the entire African continent. With its mesmerizing array of snake charmers, acrobats, and fortune-tellers, Marrakech offers an experience that guarantees unparalleled sensations.

The Sahara Desert Morocco

Last but certainly not least, the Sahara Desert Morocco is an absolute must-visit when you Travel to Morocco. It’s a veritable paradise, a breathtaking natural oasis where you can unwind and revel in the serene expanse of sand and the night sky.

I highly recommend planning your visit during December, as the weather at this time is pleasantly cool. This allows you to fully savor your time in the Sahara, engaging in all the activities you’ve envisioned, without concern for sunburn or discomfort from heatwaves.

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